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Noteworthy27th November 2021

How I launched my new portfolio

Roundup –

After many months of deliberation and redesigns as well as several redevelopments, it's finally here!

Ever since I started to learn React in late 2018, I've wanted to redesign and redevelop all my websites. Every designer would agree, with a personal portfolio it's a painful process. We always change our minds.

This website is the 14th iteration since my old portfolio, which I built in WordPress. The version before this one had a different type of header and navigation. Since I wanted to try a sidebar navigation, I had to redesign the whole thing. But hey, it's an achievement to have settled on it!


Being versatile can cause problems

As mentioned, this is the longest time it has taken me to deliver a project. I always go through a series of redesigns for my own portfolio; because I can. We designers tend to adjust our thinking, our styles and our process. We're so versatile in delivering different styles, we can't settle for a unique design.

I made my portfolio to showcase projects that I've done. Even if I’m not allowed to show them in public. I needed a way to password protect areas of my website.


Challenges are learning opportunities

Everything was pretty straight forward. But when it came to password protecting a page in development, damn that was tough! The issues were due to state management and re-rendering but let’s face it, there’s nothing I can’t get through.

Thinking about UX, I wanted to do something a little different. So I've added a couple of little sound-bite easter eggs which you will be able to hear if you've got your volume turned up. Try the light switch, or the scroll to top button (bottom left).

A little note...

Employers might struggle to understand that I'm both a designer and developer. I'm great at both sides.

From the design side, I can handle: UX / UI Design Brand and Print Art direction Photography Animation with AE I'm also diving into 3D modelling with Blender.

From the development side I have 18 years experience in traditional development. I also have 15 years using WordPress. But I do not want to do that any more because I have found a better way to develop and deliver a project. That's to develop in React and Gatsby. Take my word for it!

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