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High end eCommerce website design for a high end skin care brand

The Client

Maria Akerberg are Sweden’s leading professional makers of organic skincare products. They use the power of nature through all-natural minerals and organic ingredients.

The Project

I helped Pajama create a new eCommerce website design for their client, Maria Akerberg (MA). The aim was to increase the brand positioning and growth of the company. I created a simplified, image-led and creative design.

UI / UX Design

Stepping into the shoes of the user

MA gave me art direction, wireframes and a boat load of ideas. I used this to create a high end, on brand and organic website design for desktop and mobile. As a designer you need to think about the interactions, movements and functionality. Even when only tasked to provide UI design.

I helped the developers by creating animated prototypes for areas that needed some pizzazz. The client also liked to see how it would function.

I designed the modular components in the homepage for a specific product. I kept in mind their many audiences. MA were able to choose campaigns and rich content. All thanks to my engaging and informative designs.

User focused website design

I identified a better way for the user to find products they were looking for. I created a mechanism where the user uses a filter to narrow down a range of products. This would auto-update the page with results.

The trick to eCommerce success

The product detail page is one of the most important pages to get right. I started by giving the page content hierarchy to ease the flow of information the user would digest. This helped them take the actions we wanted them to.

Imagery. Facts. Emotion. Clear action.

The user gets taken on a journey about the product. Letting them know everything they needed to know to take action. Buy the product.

When more information is visible the call to action would have to become sticky to the top of the screen. This is so the user never loses sight of the end goal.

Next Project

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