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Service Provider

Redesigning and positioning a growing Web Hosting company in New York

New York's emerging hosting provider gets a brand new look

In early 2014, I worked with MediaLayer to create a bespoke control panel that their customers would use to manage their hosting accounts. I also created a bespoke interface for themselves to manage their customers. Then in mid 2015, I was approached again to design the company's customer facing website.

I assisted with content, re-imagining the brand, produced wireframes, created the user journey and created the design work. A friend of mine created the 3D model from a concept I sketched for him and did the post production; this included the finer details of cloud creation, adding people, light beams and satalite positioning. Once the designs were completed and signed off, I developed the front-end in static html5 / scss.


Positioning a new hosting provider to be memorable and disruptive against it's competition

The brief of the project was to design the customer facing website, which would completely stand out against their top 5 competitors as well as look impressive against some of the most memorable hosting companies out there at the time.

I worked with the client to create a sitemap and a content plan. Once this was set, I started thinking about ideas and how certain types of content should be presented. This transferred directly to wireframes where things started to make sense of what we wanted to achieve keeping the business goals in mind. Ultimately, I needed to create an experience that drove action from users to sign up for an account or transfer their existing hosting provider to MediaLayer.


Ready to take the web hosting industry by storm...

During the design stage, content was being written for all of the pages but as I designed certain sections it helped to guide what content we needed. When the designs were signed off, I converted all the designs into plain HTML5 / CSS / Javascript, to a functioning front-end. This was going to be transferred over to the client to continue and integrate with their back-end technologies.

However, as I got quite close to the summit of this project, the client passed away and his family had to take care of his assets and liquidate the business. This is one of those situations that is extremely rare, but it can happen. So in the effort of working on this project and working with Gurpreet directly, I keep this project and his spirit alive by continuing to show it.

R.I.P Gurpreet Virdi.

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