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Heritage and eCommerce

A rebrand and redesign of Sport Englands National Mountain Sports Centre

The client

Plas y Brenin (PYB) is a heritage brand that has played a pivotal role for over 60 years in developing the people that shape and teach in the outdoor sector. Set in the heart of Snowdonia, PYB is in a unique location offering the very best of training to other trainers and outdoor enthusiasts, from mountaineers to kayakers.

Project outline

During my time at Vivid Creative, my team and I (mostly myself and Joe Taylor), planned the user experience and designed the digital experience for PYB and developed the front-end into Wordpress. Other members of the team worked on the back-end which fed into the bulk of the website and I handled most of the communication between the client and development.

UX / UI Design

A centre of excellence recognised across the globe

As you'll see from the above homepage design, the design style was very image led and needed to bring a sporty / heritage vibe across to its users. A lot of this was formulated by the rest of the team at Vivid in the branding and discovery process, which repositioned PYB as an industry leader.

Below are some small segments from different pages to show the output we created, but I do recommend checking our the live website. Although I will assume some further development has been made to it.

The PYB course page was rather complex to create due to the rudimentary API. We had to navigate undescriptive labels that corresponded to specific information / data that we wanted to present on the page.

In essence, the entire website is built in Wordpress, but the content for the course pages reside on their internal systems. We had to create a second spreadsheet, courtesy of the client, which created a relationship between their internal system labels and the new variables we would use in our code. Pretty meaty when there's a good 40-50 of them!

Once we had this and a good couple of examples of what the content would look like, we could then properly place and size the content accordingly and below is just how we did that.

Next Project

Redesigning the online hub for historic information for students and education institutions